About Sanjoy Sen

I’m a Conservative campaigner and I’m on the party’s approved parliamentary candidate list. I have lived, worked and campaigned across the UK from Aberdeen to London. This has provided with me a wide range of real world experiences and perspectives.

I’m also an engineer (CEng FIChemE, MSc, MBA, LLM) with a 25-year track record in industry, covering the green energy transition, hydrogen, oil & gas and the automotive sector. I write regularly on industrial topics: see News page.

I was the 2019 general election candidate for Alyn & Deeside. I led the campaign by example and built a great team along the way, knocking on doors across the constituency. In the end, I gained more than 18,000 votes - just 213 short!

I am currently a member of my local association’s executive team and also a parish councillor.

I have appeared on British TV and radio's toughest quizzes including Only Connect (quarter-final) and Mastermind (semi-final). Although this was a couple of years ago, I still get asked about it so here is a bit of background: Mastermind (scroll down to Heat 12).